Tim Cof

Visual arts


Who am i?

I was born and raised in a family with a television background.
My whole life (besides learning the technical aspect of film, photography and television),
I wanted to tell stories. I wanted to share my personal thoughts, showcase emotion and have control over people’s feelings.
I always want to make people happy. That’s my number one goal. And my work enables me full creative freedom in just that. I can project my thoughts, emotions and show everyday things from a different perspective through visuals.


Look at the subject and visualise the frame

I first picked up a camera when I was only five years old. Ever since we have been inseparable. At the beginning I was blown away by the technical side of this truly complex machine.
Today I am in love with the fact that an object composed of glass and wires, accompanied with a creative head can achieve stunning work of art results.

Set aperture and adjust focus

Years passed and what used to be my free time, with which I escaped from school work, grew into something much bigger - obsession is the best term that I can think of.
I visualised my future pretty quickly and dedicated my education towards it.

Take the shot

Freshman year in high school was the one that introduced the majority of change in my life. I truly realised the value of hard work and perfection in everything I did. I also met a good friend of mine, who has helped me along this incredible journey so far.

Throughout the years we have proven that a lot of really amazing things happen when you work hard.


I am a work in progress

Today I continue building towards my goals with perfection as a must and an undoubtable number one value.
Not delivering a product that I did not put my absolute best in, is not an option.
Now, let's see where the journey takes us next…

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